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LT Auditor+
Radar for your Network

User event monitoring, auditing, surveillance, alerting and reporting for Novell and Microsoft Windows server environments

Knowledge is more than power. It is security.

Knowing exactly who is doing what, when, and where on your network is critical. A smooth-running technological infrastructure with minimal down time depends on it. It protects the corporate assets managed by your network as well.

With LT Auditor+ Version 8.0, you can have that knowledge at your fingertips, available in real-time whenever you need it most. Other security systems protect from the outside, leaving you vulnerable from insider threats and successful intruders. With LT Auditor+, your valuable assets are under constant surveillance, protected from the inside out.

LT Auditor monitors, records, alerts, and reports on key user generated events on all Novell NetWare, NDS/eDirectory and Microsoft Windows XP/200X and Active Directory servers. Detailed forensic and exception reporting ensures regulatory and security policy compliance - meeting the needs of internal auditors.

LT Auditor+ Version 8.0 provides key benefits such as:

  • Unobtrusive, around-the-clock surveillance of network and user activity
  • Powerful data filtering for tracking sensitive files and directories
  • Immediate notification of security breaches via real-time alerts
  • Granular reporting for faster and easier forensic analysis
  • Pinpoint suspicious activity
  • Track administrator security changes
  • End user accountability
  • LT Auditor+ Version 8.0 works with Microsoft Windows 200X /NT networks, Novell NetWare, and in hybrid Windows/NetWare environments. Its powerful Report Generator works across both platforms. For answers to common questions about LT Auditor+ and how it can benefit your organization, see our FAQ.

LT Auditor+ key features:

  • 24/7 event monitoring and auditing of user activity. more
  • Track logins, security changes, file access and administrator activity - Event list. more
  • Extensive filtering of events at both collection and reporting stages. more
  • Alerting options by email, network broadcast or SNMP. more
  • Pre-defined audit "exception" reports and customizable options. more
  • Consolidated reporting of events from multiple servers and mixed platforms.
  • Effective, efficient processing of Windows event logs. more
  • Audit end users, administrators and the auditors themselves. more

Who needs LT Auditor?

The rapid growth of computer networks across all types and sizes of organizations has led to a greater need for network security tools, Statistics show the biggest threat to network security is "inside the firewall" (see Secure Working Culture article) from perceived trusted sources - employees, contractors, partners etc. Many "audits" are carried out on a fixed periodic basis resulting in a high level of risk exposure for much of the time. Only by implementing round the clock surveillance can you be sure you are tracking activity on your computer network. LT Auditor+ provides this functionality and is used extensively around the world in corporates, financial institutions, central government and public sector where regulatory compliance and meeting the needs of internal auditors is paramount.

Technical Data:

  • Supported on all Microsoft XP/200X and Active Directory servers.
  • Supported on all Novell NetWare and NDS/eDirectory servers.
  • Report generator options: Btrieve (licence-free, default option) or SQL, + support for Oracle.
  • Management Console runs on any 32 bit Windows platform.
  • Agent less option for Unix variants supporting SYSLOG audit trails.

30 day, free, no obligation evaluation available from our download page - including installation guide and documentation.

For technical support please email support@smis.net.