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LT Auditor + Assessment
Fast, efficient economical security assessment for NetWare®

LT Auditor+ Assessment for NetWare provides network administrators and information security managers with a valuable new tool for securing their networks.

Quickly identify eDirectory/NDS vulnerabilities on your network by scanning one or more trees with multiple machines on one or more attributes within the following groups:

  • User Assessment collects information about user objects such as security equivalents, password configurations, login information, trustee assignments, etc.
  • Group Assessment gathers information about group objects such as group members, trustee assignments, security equivalences, etc.
  • Container Assessment provides information on intruder detection settings, trustee assignments, objects available in the container, etc.
  • Volume Assessment provides information about NetWare volumes such as available space, type of volume, etc.
  • File Assessment gathers information about files on NetWare servers such as owner, size, last modified date, attributes, etc.
  • Profile Assessment collects information about login scripts used by groups of users who need to share common login script commands.
  • Application Object Assessment provides information about network applications running on the network.
  • Template Object Assessment gathers information about standard user object properties that can be applied to new users.

Use LT Auditor+ Assessment for NetWare to:

  • Run multiple scans simultaneously from different machines in any location on the network
  • Run multiple reports from a single scan
  • Automate the entire process to implement periodic scans and distribute reports via email to key individuals within the organization.

LT Auditor+ Assessment for NetWare is easy to deploy, so you can have it operating within minutes. It is also easy to use and easy to administer, simplifying management and maintenance tasks to keep IT costs and hassles low.

For more details on LT Auditor+ Assessment for NetWare, download the data sheet in PDF format or contact the SMIS sales department at Sales@smis.net

30 day, free, no obligation evaluation available from our download page - including installation guide and documentation.

For technical support please email support@smis.net.