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SMIS provides Novell NetWare and Microsoft Windows network management software addressing Audit, Security, NDS Management, Password Management, Performance Management, Print Management, Print Accounting, Storage Management, and Server Administration.
  • Print Auditing, Print Accounting & Management
    • Pcounter For Netware - Print Auditing, User Accounting & Printer Management for NetWare, NDPS, iPrint, Queues
    • Pcounter for Windows - Advanced print tracking and control for Windows print servers (and workstations acting as print servers).
    • Pcounter Station - Print release station for controlled release, secure release or integration with various pay for print options.
    • Pcounter WorkStation - Captures auditing and accounting information from locally attached printers.
    • Pcounter Desktop - Affordable printer accounting package intended for sites that do not have print servers and are printing directly to printers via TCP/IP or to localy attached printers..
  • Audit & Security
    • LT AUDITOR+ - User event monitoring, auditing, surveillance, alerting and reporting for Novell and Microsoft Windows server environments.
    • LT Auditor + Assessment - Provides network administrators and information security managers with a valuable new tool for securing their networks.
  • Internet & Web Content Monitoring
    • CyberPredator - Internet, Web and Network Traffic Content Monitoring and Alerting.
  • Pcounter Payment Products
    • Virtual Release Station - Web-based pay for print application, designed to work with Pcounter and campus online payment systems.
    • Pcounter WebPay - Secure hosted e-commerce application that allows students to make deposits into their Pcounter accounts.
    • Cash Print/Copy Vending - Pcounter's coin/bill machine that connects to Pcounter Station and/or copiers, providing automated cash payments in "pay for print" environments.